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Lists Old games 2013

Published on December 20th, 2013 | by Michaela Buckley


Top 10 Old Games of the Year

Old games played this year? What madness is this?
This year has been a pretty busy one, I have played over 45 games and most of them didn’t come out this year. I have had a lot of catching up to do, making this one of the most grueling and difficult lists to compile. As always, one per franchise and must not have been released in 2o13.

10. FTL

An incredibly addictive strategy game, that had me spending too many hours not to include on the list.


9. The Secret of Monkey Island

Hilarious and unsurpassed, this little gem still looks good and plays great today.

Money Island Banner

8. Dragon Quest VII

Perhaps if it were a better entry in the series it might have appeared higher, but even this still manages to pack a punch.

Dragon Warrior VII









7. Half Life

It’s Half Life, do I really need to spell it out?

Tales from the HL






6. Ico

Perhaps some of the puzzles are a little easy and the platforming a little unresponsive, but this is still a hugely inspirational game, and a great complementing piece to the greater Shadow of the Colossus.











5. Metal Gear Solid

Although a little top heavy in narrative to gameplay at times, Metal Gear Solid is not only a precursor to a brilliant run of games hence, but also is one of the best of the franchise itself.


4. Super Metroid

A great improvement, solidifying the series as a keeper and frequent go-to whenever Nintendo begins to feel the heat.

Super Metroid SNES Pal







3. Silent Hill 2

A difficult choice on where to go in the list, although a strong narrative, the horror experience is a little less focused in comparison to the first game, and so doesn’t manage to bowl over the competition.

Silent Hill 2 Review

2. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

One of the most fun Zelda games and most games, The Wind Waker proves that sometimes, a million fans can be wrong.

Zelda Wind Waker

1. Earthbound

It comes as no surprise that this might top the list, as one of the most respected games in existence, Earthbound is one of few games that have managed to entice non-RPG gamers over due to transcending the conventional RPG design and game traditions, and somehow has still not been copied and unlike most games oversaturating the market.

If there’s one game that ought to be on your Xmas list this year, this is it.



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