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Published on June 22nd, 2013 | by Michaela Buckley


Top 10 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a manga series created by Hirohiko Araki, each series features a descendant of the first Jojo, Jonathan Joestar.
Until recently there was only the manga and OVA series & videogame, both based on the third arc were released, however an animé has since been made covering the first and second arcs.

In celebration of my acquisition of the Araki created one-shot, Rohan at the Louvre, here are my top 10 characters from Arcs 1-3.


Commands the Nazi extraction of the men in the pillars in Battle Tendency.
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is the only thing in the world, that would make you put a Nazi on a list of your favourite characters because he is likeable and not in a particularly evil way.


An exciteable Frenchman who joins Kujo Jotaro in his quest in Stardust Crusaders.
He’s an injection of humour into this arc and is a perfect counter to Kujo’s broodiness, despite his depressing backstory of raped sister.



The ever loyal friend of Jonathan in Phantom Blood.
As a weak character, Speedwagon spends most of the first series as the narrator for the action and is able to bring an amusing charm to it.

interfering speedwagon jojo


Jonathan’s master and friend in Phantom Blood.
Zeppeli is an Italian who is a master of the art of “The Ripple” or Hamon, he has a jester-like quality and has a history with the vampires.
Zeppeli jojo


A fellow student with Kujo, he joins the fighters in Stardust Crusaders.
Often seen with Polnareff, Kakyoin is a strong and intelligent fighter whose stand is able to somewhat possess people.



A mysterious master of Hamon in Battle Tendency.
Ruthless and wise, she puts Caesar and Joseph through difficult trials and is a very able fighter, she holds the stone of Aja, a sought-after gem by Cars and the other men in the Pillar.



The reluctant friend and partner of Joseph in Battle Tendency.
Caesar is a narcissistic womaniser that has a fiery and passionate temper, he finds respect for Jojo as a fighter but is somewhat at magnetic odds personally. He is the grandson of Zeppeli and wishes to avenge his death.

Caesar zeppeli jojo


The hero of Phantom Blood.
Born into a rich household, he has a complex rivalry with his adopted brother Dio who trumps him at everything, driving Jojo to become more powerful.
Jonathan is at number three as he is a crucial character to the entire Jojo saga and represents an archetypal hero.
I love Jonathan as he has no pretensions and is always trying to give Dio a chance.
Also this is hilarious.

Jonathan Joestar manga


Vampire, adopted brother and main antagonist of Phantom Blood/Stardust Crusaders.
Dio secretly killed his father at a young age and was adopted into the Joestar family and treated as an equal. However his hunger for dominance and generally all round evil personality ends up with him putting on a mysterious mask, which turns him into a Vampire.
Dio is an integral addition to anyone’s list and is an internet icon.
He’s at number two because he is one of my all-time favourite bad guys, despite his lengthy back story and his numerous appearances, STILL nobody knows WHY he is so pointlessly evil. He kicked a dog and burnt it to death! For absolutely no reason whatsoever.Dio Brando Manga


Grandson of Jonathan, grandfather of Kujo and main protagonist of Battle Tendency.
My favourite character is Joseph Joestar, he’s a gifted fighter that usually wins his fights by outwitting his opponents, in the manga there are hilariously long and arduous explanations to how he sets up his tricks while he is fighting and he also is a brilliant wordsmith, constantly showering his enemies with insults and making them look like fools.
He starts off without an incredible amount of power, in fact, relatively speaking, he is the weakest Joestar, but he is able to defeat most opponents, if he isn’t just turning tail and running away!
He also appears as one of the team in Stardust Crusaders and really makes up for the somewhat lacklustre member of the Joestar family, Kujo Jotaro. Here, Joseph brings all his wit and humour but is now a much older man, so we have the benefit of seeing him being an old git.
Joseph is the most memorable characters of the series in my opinion and I recommend all those who enjoyed Stardust Crusaders OVA series or the videogame, to seek out the manga and give it a read.

Joseph Joestar

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