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System Shock 2 Tales from the System Shock 2

Published on July 8th, 2013 | by Michaela Buckley


Tales from the System Shock 2 Pt.2

And things were going so well…

Stiffy wakes up and finds that something has gone wrong with the ship and he’s been ejected from cryo-sleep. For some reason he is now on the Von Braun and not the Rickenbacker. He is also has amnesia. Hmm… I wonder if this will become relevant later on?

Some woman who calls herself (a certain game made by some of the developers of this one have made me a little suspicious of helpful friends that you don’t see) Dr. Janice Polito who tells you that you’re recovering from surgery and that something has gone very wrong with the ship. She doesn’t tell you why you had surgery or what exactly is wrong with the ship. Apparently an evil force has hijacked the ship.

She’s on Deck 4 and we’ve got to find an elevator, but first we have to get out of the cabin before it depressurises. We got a wrench though. Past a pane of glass a woman runs past and is chased and shot at by some sort of man.  It’s a little bit creepy.

Those damn Ice cream trucks always escape me.

Those damn Ice cream trucks always escape me.

I can imagine the ghosts of the future probably will be doing retail therapy in the afterlife.

I can imagine the ghosts of the future probably will be doing retail therapy in the afterlife.

There’s a bit of a rush before we’re safe and then it’s pretty much exploring after that.

It’s here that I saw my first ghost apparition. Some story segments and background information are told through audiologs while others are through these apparitions of dead people that appear who re-enact moments of their lives.

After finding a code for the door we enter the main area of this deck. This is where the game really starts as instantly Stiffy finds himself attacked by some weird… mutant man. It takes a number of hits from the wrench to bring him down and he dealt a fair amount of damage.

After this we are then told we need to charge a battery to enter the next area, while a nosy camera in the way. We also get here an in-game game which is a small version of Minesweeper, I quickly noticed that they forgot to program in first-click invincibility, so sometimes the first click can lose the game.

Moving on we enter a room with a decidedly creepy man hanging on the ceiling and then a mutantman jumped me! I yelped when this happened, the game is already creepy but it also has some incredible jump scares.

Hanging man System Shock 2

The horror…

We also find the regeneration tubes here, which work when you die, but cost nanites. After this we find a small hub area where there is a cyber-looking face on a panel. Dr. Polito tells us Xerxes is blocking passcodes and doors and so we have to find some kind of Doctor in his lab. But first we must charge that cell.

I presume this face here is the visual representation of Xerxes. It kind of reminds me of Gamesmaster, an old TV show.

Chemicals can be used to make stuff in this, but I am not really sure what, so skipping past the chem-room we find a large-ish room with turrets on the lower floor. It took me ages to take them out in the most conservative fashion as it is here that I discovered how little ammo the game is supposed to give you. Between the two turrets is the charging station for the cell.

Attempting to sneak up on these fellows is a little harder than Thief.

Attempting to sneak up on these fellows is a little harder than Thief.

After placing the cell in the required door, Dr Polo or whatever “uploads” some upgrades to me which I can use. How very 90’s. Here is where I spent ages trying to decide what I wanted to upgrade as I was scared I would screw it up.

Moving into the next area we learn the term for the apparitions as “Self hypnotic defects in the R grade unit”. There are lots of monkeys around here, which throw blue balls of magic at you and are really hard to kill as they are so low to the ground. In fact it all starts getting really difficult here! There is a room filled with radiation and then two mutants appear and one even has a shotgun! It’s hardly fair, what are these people even doing with guns on this ship? This isn’t the military ship remember, this is the escorted ship!

Past a turret in another room we find a key card and not much else, going back and following the right-hand route and a bunch of monkeys jump out and scare the hell out of me.  There’s a small area here where it seems that they were experimenting on the monkeys and there is another  card. After a lot of exploring and backtracking I eventually found a corridor I missed, Dr Panda says that Dr. Watts who has the key is badly wounded and has the number I need for the maintenance shaft, rushing along to find him because I really don’t put it past this game to just kill him off and leave me high and dry, I find a large room with a floor below and a member of the Many, the name for the infected survivors of the ship.

Dr Watts

Too little, too late.

Well, looks like we were right on time! To get the number that is! Dr Watts is dying and tells us that they were trying to lure Stiffy there to become a host. Whether that means one of what they are or something else I don’t know and certainly don’t wish to find out, I take the two audio logs and then move back to find that there are now two mutant men upstairs where we just were.
After a lot of messing around I finally kill them and start listening to the audio log which contains the passcode on my way back to the maintenance shaft when I bump into this fella.

Oh bugger.

Oh bugger.

It takes a lot of hits to take down and then on the final hit, the sodding thing blows up taking off loads of damage. What an arse-hole.
Now I have the passcode to the maintenance shaft we can now enter the next area…

The beginning of this deck is full of windy corridors with lots of radioactive areas, after wandering around I found a room  with a lock on the door, which had some goodies in, Dr Parappa then calls and says that someone is wandering around controlling people. The room just next to this has a camera in, but I didn’t get far as I then I got killed a bunch of times by a robot that kept walking into me and blowing up. Tsk! Another time then!

This robot lacks preservation instinct.

This robot lacks preservation instinct.

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