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Published on October 21st, 2012 | by Michaela Buckley


Migrated Morality in Videogames

I was surfing Guardian Online when I stumbled across some moral questions that are raised by games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Due to my lengthy posts I decided to instead raise and answer the questions on here instead. I think there are more on the way but I’ll consider the ones posted.

What are the most morally dubious things you have done in a game either part of the story or turning the game on itself?

After reading the comments on the article, you find they are quite sick and it’s rather horrible thinking about how shocking the things people do in videogames are. So naturally I decided to have a little look at some of the things I have partaken in during my playtime.

Traditional Tamagotchi funeral.


My first experience of Game Immorality was on a Tamagochi, in the game you have to simulate looking after a pet of some description, to make sure they eat their food you must discipline them so they do what they’re told. Needless to say I decided to discipline mine a lot, laughing callously at his little wrinkled face of pain and suffering as I did so.

“Your pet has died”. I was quite upset at that.


Abe’s Oddysee.

I love that game, I spent a lot of my childhood playing it, and have rescued all the Mudokons, although not with a bit of in-game sickness.

One of the first times I played it, I was just getting used to saving the Mudokons, I entered a screen, where there was a switch and a Mudokon working. Never having encountered a switch before, my naive curiosity played out, naturally the game developers have also got an evil sense of humour, and decided to express it in the form of a trapdoor, below which I can only assume is quite a long drop, judging by the length of his cry as he fell to his doom.


Golden Axe.

I wonder what happens when I try and hit these elves dancing around happily? I shouldn’t be encouraged.


Regular Sim garden.


We’ve all done it, you’re sick, I know you are. My parents beat me as a child! I hate sprouts! I’ve been raped! No excuse people, whether you were putting them in stairless pools or doorless rooms, you killed your own creation. And you enjoyed it. Probably.

Maybe you should think about yourself next time you open up The Sims to a garden of Tombstone Trophies.



There are a lot of sick things you can do in Oblivion, we could be here all day with wondrous stories of Deer hunting and pillaging. But that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here for downright debasing things that we shouldn’t be proud of, and one of them is glorifying kills in the Elder Scrolls series.

I would walk around happily and dandily until I realised that two people are related. I know what I should do, I should kill one of them and drag them to the other one, to see the horror in their eyes as everything they know and love slips out of this world. Or so I like to imagine.

I also like to pile dead bodies in public places, then mess around with the ragdoll physics and put the bodies in hilarious positions. Oh I make myself sick. But my favourite, yes, the one I get the most kicks out of. That was joining the dark brotherhood and getting right to the end, where you discover the traitor to the brotherhood’s hideout. I would read his diary, laughing at his anguish with dark brotherhood about his mother’s death, and then after contemplating maniacally, I take the head and proceed to the traitor and get it out in front of him holding it up in his face. “Is that Mother’s? No, it can’t be! No. I… I need some time… to collect myself… please nevermind me brother…”

Looking good despite being dead/detached for over a year.

Fallout 3.

Playing once more with the ragdoll system, but also this time being able to take individual body parts around with you! I can place a jaw on the bar table! Or I can kill someone and then put pieces of themselves on their genital areas. Have you done it? You should, it’s great fun.


And finally I save the best until last, the most depraving sick acts of torture, inconsideration and downright evil, can only be expressed through one game.


Pretty much everything about it is wrong.

All Pokémon, even Onyx.


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