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Published on March 25th, 2013 | by Michaela Buckley


Tales from the Half Life Pt.8

The whole rail segment is boring and not much happens, really nothing happens. There were a couple of blokes who said that Gordon Freeman had sabotaged the experiment and was now going about shooting their friends. You know, as far as I’m aware that’s completely true.

Why is such an important person (he seems to be known throughout the base and was easily identified by the opposing forces, which corroborates that he’s a key figure of Black Mesa) has been left to such a dangerous and low ranking role of worker in the experiment.

Factory Simulator 1998

Factory Simulator 1998

Gordon Freeman wasn’t “working” like he was supposed to when the experiment was taking place, which seems rather suspicious to me. If he was working as according to plan, then he clearly isn’t as intelligent as he is meant to be as he should have done something/told them to abort, when he could see it clearly was going wrong.

Gordon Freeman is a sleeper agent sent to sabotage the experiment. How else could have things been set up the way they were?

This room serves entirely no other purpose than to look pretty.

This room serves entirely no other purpose than to look pretty.

Anyway, after mercilessly killing the men that spoke against him, you continue on and send the rocket off while some pretty cool music plays, making you feel like a badass. The rooms around here have a Goldeneye kind of vibe going on.


Why do I feel like I’m going to regret pushing this button?

After you’re finished around here you enter a cart which throws you into a suberged part of the building where we’re introduced to a new creature which guzzles down a somersaulting man and looks quite intimidating. Until you eventually kill it and it floats to the top of the water, where you can see how stupid it looks.

Mystery. Pain. Horror. What the?

Mystery. Pain. Horror.
What the?

The next HL post will be in about 2 weeks as I am hoping to get a review of Bioshock Infinite up, if not then you’ll have to lump a ranty review about Dishonoured instead. Starting with how it’s incorrectly spelt on the PAL box.


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