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Published on March 11th, 2013 | by Michaela Buckley


Tales from the Half Life Pt.7

After a pretty nasty 10 or 15 falls, I finally managed to clear landing on any ground when falling down the gaping hole.

Yet another bloody generator thing is in need of power, raising questions about how the power issues happened because so far, all problems have been fixed by merely turning the switches on. So I guess I’m supposed to believe that someone was going around turning off the power in the middle of this crises.



I’ve found a strange robot-like alien thing I am going to call Behemoth Walker. This section of the game we get to see a lot of marines getting killed by the alien creatures, which is great as I was missing their cute green orifices too.

An encounter with Behemoth Walker, which I didn't walk away from.

An encounter with Behemoth Walker, which I didn’t walk away from.

The Behemoth Walker is surprisingly fast, you can get past him when he’s picking off the soldiers but have to wait for him to turn around before you make an attempt to move or else he’ll rush you and fire his heat ray when in close range.
When further away he has a strange red light he can charge on the floor and it shoots towards you, right through objects as well.

Crack man

This room’s only purpose was to serve as a place for you to behold this man’s death. As he was being pulled through his leg was caught at a jaunty angle on the wall and it made me chuckle.

The game has some surprises still left in store like here where I found a man getting dragged into a crack in the wall. It was great as most games give up with that sort of thing by this point.

After the monotony of sorting out the generators, we enter what I remember being a really annoying part with some trams. But I think I’ll save that for later.

He's been waiting for me. More well informed security men...

He’s been waiting for me. More well informed security men…

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