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Published on March 4th, 2013 | by Michaela Buckley


Tales from the Half Life Pt.6

Stuck. So bloody stuck I nearly resorted to checking online for answers.

Basically you have two routes you have to go down, one to activate some heating pipes and the other to activate the generator.

But having no initiative I didn’t guess that and was flitting between the two routes (for no fucking reason I might add) and has drained a tonne of my life. All to just defeat the weird large crab monster from the last post, except it took so damn long that’s all I have to say for this fricking post.

A particularly great picture of a Crab-man.

A particularly great picture of a Crab-man.

It really doesn’t help that I’ve been at the Jim Beam and it’s a work night. So have some sodding pictures. To be honest nobody older than me is this late to the Half Life party.

 Indoor Skydiving

The incredibly slow-moving fan creating enough air resistance to lift a full sized man.

It was nice to kill that crab-claw, especially after a small number of back-track saves after several runs through the centre shaft where it resides, as it seems to randomly kill you.

Fire the bastard

Not sure what energy filled Gas this could be, nor how exactly it set fire, but won’t complain either way.

So now have reached a slightly more alien domain, filled with ovarian matter and hopefully less antagonistic enemies.Spelunking

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