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Published on April 23rd, 2013 | by Michaela Buckley


T-Minus 6 months or something

That’s nearly enough time to make a new bundle of cells that can independently think. It’s a shame mine don’t do that.

Today is St. George’s Day, which means that I must now moan a lot in order to further establish my being English. Today is also possibly Shakespeare’s birthday and if I remember rightly, also his… Deathday? Is that a term?George

I’ve now become full time at my day job, which has lost me my “killer catharsis” day, which I used to write/rant on here. A couple of months back I also started to write 3 posts a week, so in hindsight that was a bit stupid of me.

But, it’s a thing now, so I’ve restructured and streamlined to do’s to make up time.

These past few months on here I have grown the site to talk about games and films as well as books and nowadays you can find some of my posts on ScrewAttack.
In fact, I’m not too humble (or at all) to admit that all of my posts have been put on the front page and are enjoying thousands of views apiece.

I’m hoping to get the Half Life stuff all finished up soon and then we can move onto System Shock 2 and don’t forget you can send any recommendations to me the old fashioned way using email, because spambots are clever and depressing.

I’m sure one day I’ll have a nice witty sign off but for now BUGGER OFF will have to do.



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