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Published on October 21st, 2012 | by Michaela Buckley


Migrated Nostalgic value of Games

What value can you place on a game, if all it has is nostalgic value? Well, since games are toys, if it’s fun and nostalgia expands on that, then I would say it’s priceless.

I say this mainly as the justification I need to spending my bill money on a Nintendo 64 yesterday.

I sit in a lonely place right now, I may be homeless in a month, but still my ill devised plan is not going as it should. Why?

An example of one of the “Highly intelligent enemies” of which the box boasted.

Goldeneye 64.

Nostalgic value has a higher place in a lot of hearts over technical appraisal, I would have  a lot of difficulty justifying this to a modern gamer that has never played it. But this game has had a huge impact on me. This game is the reason why I play invert. It’s the only reason I ever started playing shooting games.

I loaded it up expecting to “wow” my housemate with my awesome skill and swiftness from aeons past. Instead I was met with shame and regret as my new-found skills in shooting games appear to have overwritten my skill at this one. I really am rather devastated at this as I was ever so looking forward to Perfect Dark on Xbox Live.

I suppose this also means I will be terrible at Turok 2…

Turok 2, chilling out, shooting reptilian humanoids.


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