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Published on May 24th, 2013 | by Michaela Buckley


In case of Emergency

Everyone loves poetry don’t they?
After chocolate and puppies, people think of poetry as the next thing they couldn’t possibly live without. I used to write a lot of poetry before this piece of obsidian began blocking the flow of blood. Thanks in part to a Mr Croshaw and Mr Sterling I have decided it’s pretty safe to emerge with some of my dignity intact. Behold!

“Trust me, you’ll need it,
In case of emergency.
What if you fall or have a fit?
Get lost or taken by some man?
You’ll wish you listened to me.
Maybe then, you’d understand”

To be honest I don’t really care,
I’ve been just fine, without this fare,
You’re a parent – so you see,
You’d pay for it, surely, if you dare.


But then the years came and went,
I’ve aged much and moved on,
Had some time to lament,
Not listening to everyone’s advice.
So instead, I’ll just play the cynic,
To ignore my own vice.

All the rage, now they’re all about,
Countless times their owners pout,
Endlessly talking, limitless obsession,
I guess I could kindly do without.


And here I have my collection of games,
my array of films and my stacks of books,
Socialising and sharing really isn’t the same,
Where everyone holds each other dear,
“I’ll like your status, but retweet mine!”
It’s probably my worst ever fear.

Walking slowly, Turning round,
With heads bowed down,
Taking up my pavement,
I think, sneer, then frown.


Now they’re bloody everywhere,
With all these great games being released,
My own judgement is now mine to bear,
So now it begins to hold my interest,
I only worry now,
Am I allowed to be impressed?

The customers are consuming,
And the next one is looming,
I’ve not even got the last one!
I tell myself, fuming.


Lo! The angel smiles and blessed is her gaze!
In her hand she gives to me,
The long denied item of the cellular craze,
How can I accept this? I snatch hungrily,
But, I guess, I will NEED it,
In case of Emergency.

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  • Phil Pope

    Very good! Do more of these! 8.8/10

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