Poems Roaring Twenties

Published on September 25th, 2013 | by Michaela Buckley


Haiku for Gentlefolk

The dawn of discomfort

I am sniffly.
It’s too bloody hot in here.
I want a tissue.


Hmm, is this my sock?
It looks like my kind of sock.
Well it’s my sock now.

Journeys and travels

One is on the phone,
The other is chewing gum,
I want to be home.

The Stain

Where did you come from?
From what dark depths you emerged?

O beautiful stain

Beauty in commonality

Walking through Asda,
Where have they moved the bread now?
To the other side.

People in my way,
Children bumping into me,
No, that’s my trolley.

Get to the checkout.
Load it, scan it, bag it all.
I forgot my purse.

Odd sock

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